In Search of Snow {A Carolina Trip}

It’s slide show time. Everyone, pull up your chairs and gather around.  You over there, can you dim the lights? It’s time for vacation photos.

Mission accomplished: Kids got to see snow for the first time. Woop woop. So we took it a notch further and took them snow skiing, but of course- when in Rome… Everything was going great during our 45 minute family lesson until BOOM! POW! SMACK! (I just love an onamonapia) Mike, who was skiing down the slope fast, hit ice then the ground only to land on his shoulder which immediately dislocated out of the socket. I know, ouch.

Bless his heart- needless to say the lesson abruptly ended once the medics carried him down the slope and the kids watched with their huge eyes taking it all in.  They quickly sat down to take off their skis deciding that maybe this wasn’t as fun as they thought it was just five minutes earlier.

Oh, how is Mr. Robinson you ask? In pain. The next day we drove into town and straight to a local Orthopedist who said that the shoulder had dislocated (apparently the numb shoulder was a tell-tale sign) but the good news was it went back in correctly. He goes back in two weeks to determine if his Rotator Cuff was torn. If I was a betting woman, I would say that sucker was torn off.  Of course, I also saw him take the great fall.

But…. Prior to The Great Fall, we had a blast.

Real snow the first morning.

The marshmallow family. Pre-skiing.

The side benefit of not being able to sleep past 8:00 am anymore— I get to see God with my own eyes.

 Looks like the time she went rollerskating with Pops.

Our friends, Auntie Anna (aka Doctor Anna) and family, joined us for our in-search-of-snow trip.

Yes, more photos of snow.

And again just in case you don’t believe me.

Thanks Mike. Glad you caught this on camera. Too cold to run outside, and too long to drive down the mountain we opted for a workout DVD. Had to burn off all the booze. I mean bread.  Or both.

Believe it or not, this was post medic visit when shoulder was back to its intended place.  We ran into some friends and asked them to at the very least, snap a quick photo since we had gone to great pains (no punn intended) to take our girls skiing only to be on the slope for 30 minutes.

Us Florida folks may need to stick to water skiing after all.


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  1. 1' says

    There’s gotta be credit in heaven for trying. I’ve got nothing but respect for the effort. We are about to head to NC snow, too– one broken arm, wiley 16 month old, completely outnumbered by five kids and all–hey, no excuses!