Twice in one week.
What are the chances?

Well, sort of. This little guy’s preschool has a “snow day” each winter for sledding and snow man building. Or in Raynes’ case, snow pail hauling. A man’s work is never done.

A good number of my friends have children younger than mine. Amy was crazy enough to have boys her spaced in age and little Emory (youngest) and Raynes are in preschool together while their older sisters and brothers are in the ‘big kids school’ (aka elementary). Hi Emory!

Speaking of big kids, it’s hard for me to believe that Britton will be in middle school this Fall. Certainly there has been some mistake.  I can clearly remember being in middle school myself- and why wouldn’t I? It was only a few years ago. No matter how I shake it, I’ll have three kids in there different school for the next three years. To make matters even more interesting, Britton and Kenley’s school will essentially start and end simultaneously with a 15 minute drive in between. Crazy is a comin’!