Snowmageddon {Winter Storm Leon}

I’ll be the first to admit that when the warning of a “winter storm” (yes that’s in quotations) and schools cancelled here in Florida I was a bit surprised. Seriously, all three kids will be home for a little bit of chilly weather?  Chilly doesn’t begin to describe how cold it was today. I know this because I stuck my arm outside the front door not once, but twice. It’s freezing. Snow and icy roads in Florida? Not so much. But an extra day to hunker down, do some laundry, crank up the eat, watch Sister Wives (why, I do not know), fall off the health food wagon and wear Mike’s over sized fleece sweatshirt all day works for me.

Even Tucker was able to spend nearly the entire day inside with us- chewing on Britton’s new tall boots and driving Poochie crazy.

Britton had friends spend the night, all of whom came prepared with rain snow gear just in case.  Turns out, raincoats and boots were needed for all the ice and sleet that fell upon us throughout the day. Welcome to sunny Florida!

Hard to imagine 70 degrees in a couple of days.  My poor lemon tree has gone to lemon tree heaven. Along with my once beautiful philodendrons, fox tail fern, rosemary and asparagus ferns. Au revoir favorite plants.

Where do 10 year old girls go when they have cabin fever on a “snow day?”  Why the clubhouse playhouse of course.  Grab some blankets and a bag of pretzels and there you go.

I had to study this a minute to make sure it wasn’t in fact snow. It was 1989 last time it snowed here. I was 12 years old.  You can bet I wanted to make darn sure I wasn’t missing it again.

Want to ride, Raynes?

Guess I wanted to make darn sure. Snow? Ice?  You decide.

I’m gonna go with snow. Because it’s Florida and another 25 years until we see anything like this again.