The Not My House Tour | Part 2

Just like in high school, I liked going to parties so long as they weren’t at my house. Now, I love taking house tours so long as it’s not my own home.

Woow, woot my Mama’s home- c’mon in and I’ll show you around.


When you walk through the front door, looking up you see this.

If you turn to the left it’s the family room, kitchen, bar, etc.

Cocktail anyone?

To the right (from the entrance) are the bedrooms, music area, etc.

My Dad collected grandfather clocks and would come home after work (late) and wind them each night before he went to bed. Such a Type A… don’t know anyone who has such a regimented nighttime ritual {can you hear Mike laughing out loud?}.

Master bedroom:

Wouldn’t be right if Mom didn’t have some funk mixed in.  Three thick gals in bathing suits. Why not?

Master bath and closet…

The pencil sketches were Christmas gifts I game them when the girls were little. I love that original artwork works in the bathroom in this house.

Kenley would tell you that this is her tub.

Guest bathroom:

The “kids” room- and by kids I’m pretty sure Mom means her grand kids seeing that there’s a crib in the corner, a changing table in the closet and clean footed pajamas in the drawers.

Wonder where we got the idea of Sassy and Dapper: An Heirloom Portraiture Company?  Too bad maintaining that blond hair turned out to be too much maintenance for me 30 years later.

My affliction towards everything blue and white suddenly makes sense to me.

Pop’s office and home of a very tall Christmas tree each year.  It’s hard to see with the reflection but the bottom black and white grouping are chalk drawings I did for an advanced placement class in high school. Mom loved them and for years has tried to get me to draw again. That was the first time I ever drew people and also the last. One day, I tell myself, I will have the time to pick up some charcoals again. Until then these can keep her company.

Dale carved the mahogany rocking chair for Mom as a gift.

Another clock, tick tock.

Mom saw these funny looking statues and thought- they should go above my range. They look perfect there though I have often wondered if their back hurts hunching over like that.

Hi Mazelle!

My favorite room- her “mudroom” which is really for painting, art, writing, wrapping, framing and playing.

 Can you see the theme of art throughout the house yet?

Purell- that’s the other tell-tale sign that my Mom lives here.

There’s a large garage that has been converted to a master carpenters workshop where Pops carves all kind of neat things- but I forgot to snap photos of all those fancy (and old) machines!

Now I am going to scoot before they realize I left all three kids back in the “kids” room!


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  1. 5' says

    SO, next time I’m needing a break from my fam, can I just chill in the kid’s room at your Mom’s? Looks like a glorious place! Bet it feels good inside too! Gorgeous!!!!