There are so many great blogs these days.  The up side is that subscription services make it easy to receive daily snippets from many talented writers.  The downside… it’s easy to get intimated with their well thought out, grammatically correct and finely articulated posts.

My writings are more like ramblings seasoned with multiple typos and more grammatical errors than my Mom would like to see. Photos are tinged with disproportionate lightening and the post may start strong but often end abruptly.  Alas, I shall pull up my boot straps and muck ahead nonetheless. (see, end abruptly)

Some folks are creating a link up (whatever that means- I think it’s the equivalent of a BYOB party) with an “unword” for 2014. Essentially, something we want to remove from our life.  After some thought I’ve decided my word is un-rush. I’m always rushing around from the moment I wake up at 5:15 am until I go to bed at 11:30 pm.  There is so much that needs that needs to get done and I don’t know if I spend more time rushing to do the actual work or looking at my watch to see how much time I have left to do it.

Rush to fill my coffee cup when the sun hasn’t even arisen, turn on my computer for work to try to work before the kids call my name, now rush to make sure the girls are getting up for school, quickly make breakfast, haphazardly stuff lunchboxes,  rush to drop off at schools, rush to do this and do that. It does not end and what I need to accept is it won’t ever. So, instead of always being busy just being busy, I am going to breathe more, slow down and look at the big picture. Really, what has to get done today? is there something I can put off. What’s the big deal anyway?  If the laundry isn’t folded no one will notice but me.  If a bill gets paid late I’m not going to get hauled off to jail. If they kids have to eat frozen waffles for dinner, does it really matter? No, no and no.  2014 is the year the eye twitch will cease because I am going to un-rush. Perhaps a better word would be untwitch.

Starting with, unpacking.  We went on a family vacation to North Carolina this holiday weekend so the children could see snow for the first time. Lucky for them, it snowed the first day! This is the first ‘true’ family vacay as we even took little Raynes.  More about the trip (and skiing injuries!) later… in the meantime my suitcases can sit for one more day. I am a self proclaimed unrush girl now and there is always tomorrow.

Okay, so I may need to tweak this un-rush thing since I rushed through this post!