Visions of Sugar Plums

Things have finally defrosted around here leaving behind some germs and funk. Little sister has been in bed with the full fledged flu and I am convinced this cold of mine can still be thwarted off even though it has robbed my voice.

Our variation of the movie ‘Frozen’ in our Florida backyard.

No rest for the weary with these vivacious babies around. If Raynes could conceptualize heaven it would probably look a little something like this….


 Mama Mary

And tractors…

Our little pantomimist

Kenley, on the other hand, probably envisions heaven a little more like this.

A plethora of books and snacks.
Or this (less little brother sitting on her back).  Surely, there are iPads in heaven.

Britton really doesn’t care so long as she can sip on the occasional Chick-Fil-A cookies and cream milkshake and wear ballet shoes.

Class clown


Lovely comments

  1. 3' says

    I need a mama Mary!! I had Lucille when I was little and Gary had a lady named Ethel. I wish they were still in good enough health to help with our little ones. Such sweet memories