10 Lessons I Learned | January

There are lessons around us every day, whether or not I can recount ten of them off hand is another story. But I’ll give it a stab.  I saw this idea somewhere recently, although I cannot remember where, and thought it was a nice little theme. I may even try to do this once a month. Heck, why not get crazy and throw in a lil’ has tag for good measure #lil (I know, getting fancy on you!)

10 lessons I Learned This Month | January

1. Putting hard boiled eggs in ice water really does help them peel better. You can rest easier tonight having this life shattering information.

2.  Being a stay at home mom I can get more accomplished if I actually stay at home.  Crazy, I know.

3. Writing a book is hard work. My mom has been working on her memoir (due out next month) the last couple years and there is more blood, sweat and tears poured into it than one can imagine.

4.  Which brings me to my next realization.  Book covers are trickier than you think.  They have to convey what the book is about in a single image. If  you wrote a memoir, what would your cover would look like?

5.  This isn’t so much my lesson as perhaps it is a lesson for the State of Georgia to remember: When meteorologist warn you three days prior that there is going to be a snow storm, ‘let your people go.’  Trying to save money by keeping folks at work (and school) can backfire big time.

6.  Clean laundry can sit in the hamper for two days and life will go on. Who knew?

7.  Processed foods are just that. Processed. Maybe our bodies really do want whole foods.  (Incidentally I went to the Whole Foods store, with Meme, for the first time ever last week. Surprisingly they offer a huge variety and aren’t any more expensive than my regular grocery store.

8.  Which is precisely the 8th lesson I learned. Don’t go by what others say, check things out for yourself.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

9.  With the exception of Downton Abbey, there is nothing good on television in the month of January.

10.  Maybe my mom was right- fever blisters in your mouth may mean that you are about to get sick.

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