And On the 7th Day He Rested

But before that he we…. worked in the yard, organized the garage, cooked lunch, cleaned the kitchen, went through his closet of old shirts (to save for our church’s annual Clothing Connection), put away duck boats and trailers, moved furniture, washed windows and doors, ran around with Raynes, completed errands, and took Britton duck hunting at 5:00 am.  Whew. 
Love that my girl gets a hankering to bake on the weekends.  This time it was Pioneer Woman’s Monster Cookies (recipe found HERE).  B used Rice Krispies this time and they were absolute perfection. 
Give the boy a task and he is happy, especially if it involves taking washing windows and screens to a sparkle with a toothbrush.  Please, just don’t then use the grummy toothbrush on your teeth. 

These girls pretty much have an unspoken, yet standing play date on the weekends. I love it just as much as they do because 1) it gets my girl off her electronics and 2) they play so well together. In 7 years, I can’t recall one instance where either tattled on the other. They spend time (hours) in the playhouse or Kenley’s bedroom drawing, playing with Barbies, inventing games, dolls, or board games. Stay this age forever you two. Thank you.

And you…. my snuggle bug Hoochie of all snuggle bugs. Best lil’ Havenese this side of the Mason Dixon.

Can’t wait to see what chores fun awaits this weekend….