Lessons I Learned | February

Another month has come and gone. What have I learned?

1. A good label maker can change your life. Don’t believe me? Try this DYMO label maker (it’s a Type A’s dream come true).

2. When your hairdressers hands are shaking, and he’s holding his shears, don’t believe him when he says he just drank too much coffee that morning.

4. Don’t under estimate the power of a good Shea body butter- especially when it’s a brutally hard winter.

5. The world (ie- my home) would be a happier place if I treat people not how they deserve to be treated rather how they should be treated.

6. When I put off off the grocery store for a couple more days, I surprise even myself with the yummy meals I come up with just digging through what I already have in the pantry. Perhaps this is a metaphor for life that applies to me as well. 

7. I have learned that my hair now resembles Tuckers (our English Cocker). With a bit of poodle mixed in too. I look more like a Cock-A-Poo.

8. I am a lot like an old house. The older I get the more repairs and upkeep I require.

9. Tito’s Vodka is my favorite. I’ve tested my theory that it doesn’t cause a hang around and this is a great spirit if you’re 35 and older.

10. How to create a mood board! Technically, I  haven’t actually done this yet but plan to. For what purpose exactly, I have no clue. But I’ve always wanted to know how these crafty bloggers to this.