Lucki Jo

Wedding bells are a ringin’! We hosted a wedding shower for our sweet Lucki Jo this weekend. The Jones crew are like our family. Scratch that, they are our family. Lucki and George and their three girls (Shannon, Allison and Gigi) lived across the street from us growing up.  Their girls babysat my sister and I (and later we babysat for their kids and their kids later babysat our kids… you get the picture). We spent a lot of time at their house, so much so that Sara Britton took her first steps there.

SB used to eat dinner then call Lucki asking, “What’chya having for dinner?”  She’d then waddle across the street for another round, this time salted Salisbury steak (unlike anything we ate at home).

Mom still tells the story of my dressing up in a long white wedding gown, charging across the street, bouquet in hand, (without permission), vail blowing in the wind announcing that I was off to marry George. Technically, that makes this my second marriage.

When Shannon and Allison got married, we were the flower girls in their weddings. We hosted their wedding parties, they hosted ours when we were getting married. Now Allie Boone (named after Allison) is in Lucki Jo’s wedding party. Full circle.

So there you have the back story of our extended family.

You know the drill: Dim the lights and gather ’round y’all.

 L to R: Lucki, Hannah, Allison, Lucki Jo, Shannon and Gigi

Nan- Aka “Nanny” and her gals. Another full circle family.