New Chore Charts

Some days I feel more like a drill sergeant than I do a Mom. To offset the repetitiveness of reminding my girls what outstanding chores remained I created new chore charts. They’re quite simple (no checking off chores each day) and keep the days a tad more interesting with a rotating weekly chore.

Chore chart inspired by THIS Little Green Notebook post 

The “box” refers to the 3 boxes I keep in the laundry room- each child has a designated labeled box- where I put their odds and ends I find around the house. This keeps my from walking back into their room 100 times a day to drop off their junk treasures I find scattered throughout.

They are at an age where some ‘tasks’ are a given: brush teeth, get dressed, read bible…
I plan to tweak it a bit here and there but so far, so good.

Oh, and they get absolutely no screen time of any kind until all chores and homework are completed. Guess who comes home from school now asking if  they may please unload the dishwasher….