New Chore Charts

Some days I feel more like a drill sergeant than I do a Mom. To offset the repetitiveness of reminding my girls what outstanding chores remained I created new chore charts. They’re quite simple (no checking off chores each day) and keep the days a tad more interesting with a rotating weekly chore.

Chore chart inspired by THIS Little Green Notebook post 

The “box” refers to the 3 boxes I keep in the laundry room- each child has a designated labeled box- where I put their odds and ends I find around the house. This keeps my from walking back into their room 100 times a day to drop off their junk treasures I find scattered throughout.

They are at an age where some ‘tasks’ are a given: brush teeth, get dressed, read bible…
I plan to tweak it a bit here and there but so far, so good.

Oh, and they get absolutely no screen time of any kind until all chores and homework are completed. Guess who comes home from school now asking if  they may please unload the dishwasher….

Love Is In the Air

Can you smell it? The love, that is.

Any excuse to tie pink hair ribbons with little red hearts on my 7 year old makes my heart happy. As do the made-at-home valentines my children are hauling to school tomorrow- each as individual as their personality. Except for Raynes’ of course, he didn’t have much input on his valentine choice of plastic bugs hot glued to kraft paper mason jars.

As much heck I give the darn Pinterest, it sure is nice having Pinterest to take away all the guesswork (not to mention creativity) from Moms these days.  The pressure? We bring that on ourselves- Pinterest just fuels the fire.  My oldest child didn’t spend a good half hour searching for the perfect ‘stache Valentine. There are hundreds of handle bar mustache valentines out there. If you don’t believe me search them for yourself.  True to B, she stayed in the realm of the popular theme (handle bar mustaches) but found an original one so she could put her own stamp on it. Sticking with the pack, but only to a certain extent. That’s my non-conformist, yet-conforming-a-little more B for ya.

The mustache valentine winner, and template used, can be found HERE.

Aunt Shea sent Kenley this idea- knowing her Goddaughters loves to read. We used Kenley’s name as one of the words in the puzzle. These cross word puzzles could be used for so many different things- not just valentines.

Personalized word search Valentines found HERE.

Although Raynes would have likely preferred a tractor-themed valentine, I opted for these cute little bugs in mason jars. Technically, as Mike pointed out, they aren’t really bugs. This is where I should show off my brains and tell you what the correct species classification is– but I just call ‘em critters. Close enough to the bug family. Critters eat bugs. 

Love bug Valentine template found HERE.

While the crafts and sweets are fun these lyrics by Warren Barfield serve as a reminder as to what true love is really about.

Love is not a place

To come and go as we please

It’s a house we enter in

Then commit to never leave

So lock the door behind you

Throw away the key

We’ll work it out together

Let it bring us to our knees

Love is a shelter in a raging storm

Love is peace in the middle of a war

And if we try to leave, may God send angels to guard the door

No, love is not a fight but it’s something worth fighting for

To some, love is a word

That they can fall into

But when they’re falling out

Keeping that word is hard to do

Love will come to save us

If we’ll only call

He will ask nothing from us

But demand we give our all


On a different note Kenley said the pledge of allegiance on her school’s morning news program. She was so nervous to go “on” television that she wanted to back out. As much as I walk into school with her this morning to watch (and video), Mr. R encouraged me to let her do this one alone. Apparently, he thinks I tend to baby her. What? Moi? She said the pledge with full on dimple style. Maybe her new braids brought out some newly found confidence. One small step for man, one giant step for mankind ’round here.

She set her alarm clock 2 hours early so she wouldn’t be late for the school news show

Hope everyone has a heart-filled Valentines day! xoxo

Lucki Jo

Wedding bells are a ringin’! We hosted a wedding shower for our sweet Lucki Jo this weekend. The Jones crew are like our family. Scratch that, they are our family. Lucki and George and their three girls (Shannon, Allison and Gigi) lived across the street from us growing up.  Their girls babysat my sister and I (and later we babysat for their kids and their kids later babysat our kids… you get the picture). We spent a lot of time at their house, so much so that Sara Britton took her first steps there.

SB used to eat dinner then call Lucki asking, “What’chya having for dinner?”  She’d then waddle across the street for another round, this time salted Salisbury steak (unlike anything we ate at home).

Mom still tells the story of my dressing up in a long white wedding gown, charging across the street, bouquet in hand, (without permission), vail blowing in the wind announcing that I was off to marry George. Technically, that makes this my second marriage.

When Shannon and Allison got married, we were the flower girls in their weddings. We hosted their wedding parties, they hosted ours when we were getting married. Now Allie Boone (named after Allison) is in Lucki Jo’s wedding party. Full circle.

So there you have the back story of our extended family.

You know the drill: Dim the lights and gather ’round y’all.

 L to R: Lucki, Hannah, Allison, Lucki Jo, Shannon and Gigi

Nan- Aka “Nanny” and her gals. Another full circle family.

Week End Leftovers

Each week there seems to be photos that don’t make it to the blog for a myriad of reasons (mostl,y I couldn’t create a cohesive post or I had to make a decision whether to blog or fold laundry, and laundry trumped blogging).

There is a way to rectify this: I bring you the “Week End (not to be confused with Weekend) Leftovers”. In other words this is me slapping a bunch of random, caption less photos onto the blog to ease my conscious.

I like it already.

And that be that.