The Makings of a Book Worm

Once you hit the >1 children mark, it takes a little more creativity to have one-on-one time with your kids. Sneaking off with just one ain’t easy- surprisingly enough.  A dentist appointment for a filling is the perfect opportunity to create lasting, life long memories with your middle child- numb mouth and all.  Because nothing says love like dental work and Mama time rolled into one.

Following Kenley’s dentist appointment this morning her “prize” for being brave while the dentist drilled her tooth was a trip to the public library. I know most kids would like a toy, doll or ice cream but this is Kenley we’re talking about. So we drove from the dentist’s office to the Northeast library, parked the car, made a list of books we wanted to check out, and walked (she skipped) to the entrance. The morning was going perfect: 15 minutes here I thought to myself, I can have her to school by 10:45, get back to my desk by 11- always planning in my head. 

Wouldn’t you know it- the dang library was closed. Have you ever heard of a library opening at 11:00 am on a Thursday? I tried unsuccessfully to persuade Kenley into a Target Icee but she would have none of it. She had been looking forward to the library and by golly, she had shots in her mouth this morning, kept a brave face and we WERE going to the library. Period.

Fifty dollars and a 10 minute time-killing visit to the Wal-Mart across the street and we were back in business at the county library. Just me, and my side-ways mouthed Kenley.

In case you are wondering if your child might be showing early signs of a future bookworm diagnosis, this is a classic symptom.

A nightstand filled with books.

Another early indication would be packing an overnight bag with a stuffed animal, pajamas and books. Yes, that is a dictionary. And yes, she does read it.

We have the same conversation every night.

Me- “Kenley, you need to put away some of these books.
Kenley; “No Mommy, I am reading all of them. I need more bookshelves.”

See, now you know that she really was due for a library visit- poor, underprivileged, under-educated child.
Her birthday is in a couple weeks, hmm. Ceiling to floor bookshelves would excite this child so…. Until then, she has some new books  to keep her occupied.