Weekly Recap

What a strange week- between a bizarre winter storm and children home sick I have already been through one bottle of wine over the past several days. To some, that may not seem like much but considering a couple years ago (ie- before Raynes) we never drank during the week this is a lot.  Be that as it may, here’s a recap of our out-of-the-ordinary yet ordinary week.


I was duped once again when a feverless Kenley stayed home because she “felt sick” on Thursday….

 Could she be sick because she let’s Poochie Mama do this to her every day?

Please, no photographs today.

By Thursday mid-morning Friday she seemed to be just fine.  Future employers beware: this gal will cash in her sick days immediately. Of course, she wants to work at the Hyatt Place in Gwineette, Georgia so time off may be an issue. This is the hotel we stayed in on our way to the mountains a couple weeks ago. When asked what her favorite part of our mountain trip was she stated that it was staying in the hotel. She said she hopes she can get a job there one day. I love that my girl has ambition.


Has become a resourceful little guy and can also go after what he wants. Namely, Welch’s fruit chews.

The cold weather forced us to add air to our tires, layers to our clothes and thermostats set higher than usual.


Today, Mother Nature seems to be back to normal which is fitting for the commencement of Florida Youth Duck Hunt Season.  I sometimes what my husband will do when his little girl has weekend interest that don’t involve hunting with her Daddy. We may have to have two bottles of wine on hand at the point.

Do you see a theme?

Welcome February!