Lessons I’m Learning | March

Life lessons blog post

Life lessons blog post

Goodness, I have so much to learn still that it’s scary. However, I believe there’s one good lesson to be learned every day. Here’s some of the lessons I’ve learned this past month- happy to be linking up with Emily Freeman from Chatting at the Sky to gain insight from others.

If you want to regain some sanity for goodness sake use paper plates for breakfast

A friend told me she avoid the mad-morning-rush which always gives way to tornado-hit kitchen by having her three children use paper plates for breakfast. When I’m preparing 8 meals (breakfast for 5 and lunch for 3) it only make sense. Genius, I tell you. Genius.


My Children Have a Love Language (and I need to learn it)

Everyone has heard of Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages but I had no clue he created a book for our children. To be honest, I had never really thought about my children being old enough to have their own love language. Another a-ha moment (and hard pill to swallow—they’re growing up!). Here I am doing everything I can to show my child I love them and she may be hearing something different. I plan to order this book The 5 Love Languages of Children


The simplest meals are always the biggest crowd pleasers

When will I ever learn this? Let’s take this week for instance. I made this cheese tortellini soup for my crew recently. Do you think they could have given two hoots that I went to all that trouble giving their pallets something new? No, they would much rather have me scramble them some eggs and bacon for dinner. Because they are fancy like that.


It will never all get done

I know, I know… you’re thinking ‘when did this one fall off the turnip truck? Is she seriously just realizing this’ and the answer would be yes. I think I have been under the misconception that if I sleep last, work longer and smarter that I will get it all done. You know what, I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I’m having to change my game plan by refocusing on the things that I want to be completed and those things I want/need in my life. Because guess what, it will never all get done.


Coke keeps me awake…. and not in a good way

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a coke in months. Or maybe it’s because I’m now 37 (not 38) but whatever the reason that stuff keeps me bug eyed until the wee hours of the morning. It’s a shame really because I sure do love an ice-cold Coca Cola every now and then.


I should have kept my old car

Almost two years ago, to the day, Mr. Robinson bought me a shiny new car. As in, brand new. Don’t get my wrong I love my car. It has everything our family needs and then some. But… when you are hauling around three kids and their friends all over creation it doesn’t stay (or smell) new for long. The newness has started to wear off and we are left with the new-car-payment. As my friend Shea once pointed out when you have kids you sacrifice one car and one couch. I’m starting to think she is all too right.  If you’ve ever seen our butter colored couch, you’d agree too.


My new favorite quote

This one came from Mr. Robinson: People don’t remember what you said, they remember how you made them feel.


On church….

It’s not what you get out of church, it’s what you give back to church that matters.


There really are so many more.  I’ll leave it with that little lesson… there are so many more and it’s good for me to recap them each month so, like a good student, I can go back and look at my notes, study them, reread them, until eventually it all sinks in.

And if you are new, welcome! As you can see, this is my first official post on the new self-hosted site, Grateful Simplicity.  That’s right, Dimples and Daydreams is now officially Grateful Simplicity. There have been some changes underway recently and I’m pretty excited about them. The whole story tomorrow!


The Great Butter Debacle

Several months ago I was at my friend Jesyca’s house for dinner. I asked her where the butter was and she responded, “in the cabinet.”  Come again?  Did she just say ‘in the cabinet?’ As in not in the refrigerator?  
Now you may already know this but I did not: Some people store butter at room temperature. Shocker, I know.  I had no idea either.   
Jesyca explained to me that she’s always kept her butter on the kitchen counter as room temperature, just like her Mom does. I thought she was crazy,  I did. That is, until last night when I was having dinner with some of my girlfriends. Someone gave me this precious butter dish which matches my glasses and would be so cute displayed.

This, in turn, made me think of my conversation with Jesyca about her major butter storing decisions that she has been faced with.  Always an inquiring mind I asked my girlfriends at the table how many of them stored on their butter at room temperature. Would you believe that of the 12 of us having dinner half of them keep their butter at room temperature! What? There’s a whole world of butter-on-the-counter-believers that I never knew existed. 

Have I been missing out all these years? This is just too much for me to process. I may need a moment.
Now I can’t stop wondering: Should I be storing a stick of butter on my kitchen counter too?

The pros are that it would make cutting it a whole lot easier when it’s a little softer- not to mention I have this precious butter dish now. And who doesn’t like cute kitchen accessories?  It’s like the perfect earrings only for the kitchen.  The cons would be, well… that seems a little odd to me.

I am now intrigued (and probably need to get a life but that’s a topic for another day):

Do you store your butter at room temperature or in the fridge?  Have you always done this?
Please, someone educate me.  

Who Wears High Heels?

Spring Break is coming to a close, just in time for viruses to have passed from one Robinson to the next and piles of laundry to have taken over my tiny laundry room.

Prolonging the 37/38th birthday celebration a little longer, we (our crew less the youngest family member who we left behind because he would  cramp our style) played the role of excited theme-park family, complete with sunscreen, sunglasses and cross body handbags while we tried not to run into the parks with thousands of others equally-thrilled folks.  And to think I spent a good 15 minutes deliberating over what outfit to wear.  Seriously?  You should have seem some of the colorful co-parking-it friends.

Mr. Robinson and I like to play the game “Who was dumb enough to wear high heels to a theme park” and we managed to spot at least three winners. Although by the end of the afternoon I doubt those fashion over function winner considered themselves so.

 I don’t know which was more fun: the people watching or the rides themselves. When I say rides, I don’t mean the heart-drops-in-your-chest roller coasters. No, Britton and I are more of the ET and Disaster kind of gals. She may. or may not, have asked me to ask the Universal attendant at The Cat in the Hat ride  if “it was scary.”  (In case you were wondering, no- think ‘It’s a Small World’ ride at Magic Kingdom)

Now is when I would typically post a photo or two of the trip but let’s be honest, who wants to haul a huge DSLR camera into a park? It surely would not have fit into my knock off Tory Burch cross over bag that I sported (with tennis shoes no less. Who says Tory and tennis shoes don’t jive?)

That’s all the exhilarating news I have to share today. Other than.. to tell you there are some big changes coming to this ol’ blog. (Yes, this blog is old with a recent 7 year birthday that I missed) Changes that I have actually been putting some thought into (shocker, I know). There may even come a day when I actually spell check my posts which would make both my hubby and mom quite happy. But don’t hold your breath just yet- I have 5 loads of laundry to fold and children’s Tylenol to give. I may even brush my hair and teeth.

Because my Mom says posts without photos are boring, here is a rare moment of me being the sits-at-home-and-plays-on-the-floor with her son kind of Mom.


The kids and I are in the midst of Spring Break- and a much needed one at that. Phase I is completed (the beach!) and we are gearing up for Phase II.  Before I sound to, “I feel so blessed” let me just go ahead and say that Raynes has snot that sprays every time he sneezes, my kids haven’t eaten a vegetable in at least 7 days, my paycheck will likely have a $0 in it this week and today is my birthday… and I forgot how old I was.

Apparently my Mom did too since she bought the numbers “3” and “8” for my birthday cake. 38? What’s worse, I actually believed her. Alas, I am a young 37 year old which I am going on record saying that I believe keeps me in the mid-thirties category. 
Child A

Child B

Child C

I love that Poochie decided to go for the jump too.
More cohesive posts to follow- post Spring Break. Get it? Post and Post. Gosh, I’m getting funny in my old age (not really).

Sandwiched in the Middle {It’s All About Kenley}

They say, middle children are the pleas’ers. A person who tries to please or amuse.  I’d say that definition describes my middle child accurately. Thanks to a collection of books and Barbies, she can happily be left to herself for hours at a time.  This isn’t always a good thing. When you have multiple children, one of whom has been sick for days, it’s easy to overlook the ‘pleasing children.’  Particularly when they are sandwiched between the strong-will child and the Mama’s Boy. I’m thankful for that sometimes-overlooked but always over-loved little Kenley.

Who doesn’t hold it against me that it took 3 weeks to post her birthday photos.

 What are the chances that she one of her friends would give her an identical apron to the store’s photo?

 Serious cupcake decorators

Last week she was chosen as a featured artist to showcase a piece of her artwork in the County’s Youth month at the public library. She was so proud of herself. We made a big deal of it inviting grandparents and going to dinner following the reception to celebrate.

I’m glad my Monkey in the Middle is an easy one to please.