The kids and I are in the midst of Spring Break- and a much needed one at that. Phase I is completed (the beach!) and we are gearing up for Phase II.  Before I sound to, “I feel so blessed” let me just go ahead and say that Raynes has snot that sprays every time he sneezes, my kids haven’t eaten a vegetable in at least 7 days, my paycheck will likely have a $0 in it this week and today is my birthday… and I forgot how old I was.

Apparently my Mom did too since she bought the numbers “3” and “8” for my birthday cake. 38? What’s worse, I actually believed her. Alas, I am a young 37 year old which I am going on record saying that I believe keeps me in the mid-thirties category. 
Child A

Child B

Child C

I love that Poochie decided to go for the jump too.
More cohesive posts to follow- post Spring Break. Get it? Post and Post. Gosh, I’m getting funny in my old age (not really).