Fun is a Loose Term

I should have just stayed home yesterday, starting at my dog’s urine puddle. My day only got better from there.

After dropping off children at the second school of the morning, I began the 18 minute drive back to my house (I know this because, if my calculations are correct I spend approximately 6 hours week driving Raynes to and from his preschool).  Insane, I know.

That’s when the bitchin’ Camaro drove into the back of my SUV while stopped at a red light.  Wait it, gets better… he then fled the scene. Yes, drove away leaving me with minor damage to my bumper and major damage to my nerves. What a class act that driver was. Sped away as fast as he could. Awesome.

So you see, I really would have been better off cleaning up after Tucker’s little (large!) accident incident yesterday.

While I could get used to this whole keepin’ it real thing, I thought I would go all Brian Williams on you and end on a happy note.

In case you are wondering where you go to get your craft on, when Curious George in the form of a 2 year old brother lives in your house, here is your answer.

The front yard, of course.

The girls decided to paint pet rocks. Unfortunately for the florescent friends,  God decided to send rain a few hours later….