Sandwiched in the Middle {It’s All About Kenley}

They say, middle children are the pleas’ers. A person who tries to please or amuse.  I’d say that definition describes my middle child accurately. Thanks to a collection of books and Barbies, she can happily be left to herself for hours at a time.  This isn’t always a good thing. When you have multiple children, one of whom has been sick for days, it’s easy to overlook the ‘pleasing children.’  Particularly when they are sandwiched between the strong-will child and the Mama’s Boy. I’m thankful for that sometimes-overlooked but always over-loved little Kenley.

Who doesn’t hold it against me that it took 3 weeks to post her birthday photos.

 What are the chances that she one of her friends would give her an identical apron to the store’s photo?

 Serious cupcake decorators

Last week she was chosen as a featured artist to showcase a piece of her artwork in the County’s Youth month at the public library. She was so proud of herself. We made a big deal of it inviting grandparents and going to dinner following the reception to celebrate.

I’m glad my Monkey in the Middle is an easy one to please.