Spring Break Kicks Off with a Banging Fever, a Bat and Four Eyes

It’s officially Spring Break in the South. We celebrated with Mike purchasing my birthday present a tad early yesterday- new glasses and new prescription sunglasses (polarized!). Goodbye to my Arseino Hall glasses that he has been making fun of since 2004. You know you’re getting old when this generous gift elicits this much genuine excitement.

The pre-Spring Break fun continued when I picked up Raynes from preschool yesterday symbolizing the commencement of a 10 day break and he has… fever. Of course.  It’s fitting that while I was trying on glasses I received an email from his preschool teacher that croup has been circulating his classroom.  Awesome.

Last night Allie Boone made her debut as a flower girl at Lucki Jo’s wedding so we left the kids with sweet Mary and watched Miss Thang sashay down the aisle with the Maid of Honor.

He seemed to have perked up this morning so we loaded up the truck for a day trip to the coast- not in the relaxing, sunscreen and cold beer kind of way. More like the moving mattresses and cleaning out pantries kind of way.  Unless of course you are 8 years old.

With Mike at the Carrabelle condo working on it, I hung out at St. Teresa with the kids and got my clean on. Just as I was in full on Spring Clean Mode, wiping out drawers, cleaning the fridge, throwing out junk, I dump out some odds and ends from a basket and notice a brown little creature. As I am about to flick it with my finger, I notice the long brown fur looks pretty real. Upon further inspection, the darn thing is breathing. It looks like a bat, but I know that a bat wouldn’t be inside the house.

Oh, I’m a silly girl and so, so wrong.

Yes, I found a live bat while cleaning. Wing and all. My skin’s crawling as I type.

We’ve made our way back inland, only stopping for boiled peanuts sold on the side of the highway and a quick U turn when Mike saw the flashing neon ‘HOT’ sign outside Dunkin Doughnuts. In 36 years I was only recently introduced to a hot glazed, mushy doughnut. Let me tell you, any other doughnut is just not worth the calories. It momentarily erased the spread bat wing from my mind.  The girls decided that their Dad has created a wonderful new tradition since he has now stopped there twice on the way home from the coast. My mind says thank you for the memories but my thighs are not nearly as enthusiastic about this new family tradition.

Raynes is back to fighting his virus this evening with a 104 fever and wanting no one but his Mommy. I’ve taught him to say, “Mommy’s Boy” and my heart swells when he repeats this (particularly when he says it to his Daddy- I’m mature like that). While a 104 temperature is not fun that boy is sweet when he is sick.

My little Bat Man.  Ugh, there goes the skin crawl again. Cheers to Spring Break 2014!