The Great Butter Debacle

Several months ago I was at my friend Jesyca’s house for dinner. I asked her where the butter was and she responded, “in the cabinet.”  Come again?  Did she just say ‘in the cabinet?’ As in not in the refrigerator?  
Now you may already know this but I did not: Some people store butter at room temperature. Shocker, I know.  I had no idea either.   
Jesyca explained to me that she’s always kept her butter on the kitchen counter as room temperature, just like her Mom does. I thought she was crazy,  I did. That is, until last night when I was having dinner with some of my girlfriends. Someone gave me this precious butter dish which matches my glasses and would be so cute displayed.

This, in turn, made me think of my conversation with Jesyca about her major butter storing decisions that she has been faced with.  Always an inquiring mind I asked my girlfriends at the table how many of them stored on their butter at room temperature. Would you believe that of the 12 of us having dinner half of them keep their butter at room temperature! What? There’s a whole world of butter-on-the-counter-believers that I never knew existed. 

Have I been missing out all these years? This is just too much for me to process. I may need a moment.
Now I can’t stop wondering: Should I be storing a stick of butter on my kitchen counter too?

The pros are that it would make cutting it a whole lot easier when it’s a little softer- not to mention I have this precious butter dish now. And who doesn’t like cute kitchen accessories?  It’s like the perfect earrings only for the kitchen.  The cons would be, well… that seems a little odd to me.

I am now intrigued (and probably need to get a life but that’s a topic for another day):

Do you store your butter at room temperature or in the fridge?  Have you always done this?
Please, someone educate me.