Who Wears High Heels?

Spring Break is coming to a close, just in time for viruses to have passed from one Robinson to the next and piles of laundry to have taken over my tiny laundry room.

Prolonging the 37/38th birthday celebration a little longer, we (our crew less the youngest family member who we left behind because he would  cramp our style) played the role of excited theme-park family, complete with sunscreen, sunglasses and cross body handbags while we tried not to run into the parks with thousands of others equally-thrilled folks.  And to think I spent a good 15 minutes deliberating over what outfit to wear.  Seriously?  You should have seem some of the colorful co-parking-it friends.

Mr. Robinson and I like to play the game “Who was dumb enough to wear high heels to a theme park” and we managed to spot at least three winners. Although by the end of the afternoon I doubt those fashion over function winner considered themselves so.

 I don’t know which was more fun: the people watching or the rides themselves. When I say rides, I don’t mean the heart-drops-in-your-chest roller coasters. No, Britton and I are more of the ET and Disaster kind of gals. She may. or may not, have asked me to ask the Universal attendant at The Cat in the Hat ride  if “it was scary.”  (In case you were wondering, no- think ‘It’s a Small World’ ride at Magic Kingdom)

Now is when I would typically post a photo or two of the trip but let’s be honest, who wants to haul a huge DSLR camera into a park? It surely would not have fit into my knock off Tory Burch cross over bag that I sported (with tennis shoes no less. Who says Tory and tennis shoes don’t jive?)

That’s all the exhilarating news I have to share today. Other than.. to tell you there are some big changes coming to this ol’ blog. (Yes, this blog is old with a recent 7 year birthday that I missed) Changes that I have actually been putting some thought into (shocker, I know). There may even come a day when I actually spell check my posts which would make both my hubby and mom quite happy. But don’t hold your breath just yet- I have 5 loads of laundry to fold and children’s Tylenol to give. I may even brush my hair and teeth.

Because my Mom says posts without photos are boring, here is a rare moment of me being the sits-at-home-and-plays-on-the-floor with her son kind of Mom.