Cecilia Rosslee {artist}

The older I get I’ve noticed not only do I need to visit the dermatologist more often but I’m appreciating beautiful art more than ever.  My mom gave me an oil on canvas by Cecilia Rosslee  for my birthday recently and I must say, it is a beautiful 14″ x 11″ piece. If you’ve never seen her work you are in for a treat.  Oil is my favorite medium and her colors make me feel good.

This is the piece that now hangs in the bedroom.



Can’t wait to add to this new collection.  I have my eye on these:











Lovely comments

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    Garrett says

    Dearest Garret,

    I do not posess the gift of writing like you and your mom, so please forgive me if I am not able to thank you enough in words for giving me such a lovely write up on your stunning blog!! I am totally honored!!

    THANK YOU a million times over and also for the kind compliments, I truly, truly appreciate it! It is a very special feeling to know that both you and your mom like my art.

    Shall be following your blog and look forward to getting to know you better like that :))

    Warmest wishes,