Children and Tithing

Children and Tithing | Grateful Simplicity


This parenting gig I have never ceases to amaze me.  Just when I think I’m starting to learn the ropes, wham-o, I’m faced with a situation where I have to think on my feet and I’m right back to second guessing myself. Kenley did something this morning that’s had me thinking all day.

As I was getting ready for church she walked into my bathroom, wearing her pressed Jelly the Pug dress (she’s always the first one ready) and brushing her long hair.  She was holding some cash rolled up on her left hand and she handed it to me saying “I’m going to give this to church today.  It’s $20 dollars.”

On a good week, my gal can earn up to $5 in allowance.  (Um, we don’t always have good weeks).


children church tithing


My first reaction, admittedly, was to say, ‘Kenley you don’t have to give that much money to church’ but I stopped myself because I thought who am I to give her a limit as to what constitutes too much money for God? What does that teach her? That we should give, but only so much?  Give, but not sacrificially?

Instead I said to her, “Wow, you take tithing to a new level Kenley! The Bible says we should give 10% and that’s 50% of what you have.  That’s awfully generous Kenley.

My thought process was this would give her an ‘out’ once she did the math and realized that she is giving five times more than most.  The girl is smart, she knew (and knows) darn well how much she was giving and she didn’t blink, hesitate, or recalculate. She simply said, “Yep!  I am giving twenty dollars” with a big, proud, dimpled smile across her face.

When we got to church, and the gold offering plate was being handed to her as we sang In Thee is Gladness I watched as she proudly dropped that offering envelope with her name in large, penciled letters across the top. She handed the plate along to the next person in the pew like it was no big deal, like she could have been dropping in the spare change I scurried to find at the bottom of my purse to hand her so she could have something, anything, to give when it came her turn.

No hesitation.  No second guessing.   She was deliberate and assured in her sacrificial gift.

I’m hoping that next time we are at Target and her sister is picking our Rainbow Looms and DVDs with her allowance she hoards saves that Kenley will still feel the same way.

Looking back, this giving on her part isn’t a one time thing. Mr. Robinson and I received a charitable giving report from our church in December 2013 and Miss Kenley Robinson received one too (just in case she needed it for her taxes).  There was a dollar amount on there high enough for Mike and I to look at one another as if to say well I’ll be darned.

While I’m sure I’m finding ways to screw up my kids I am grateful there’s a God who find His way into their hearts to be their source of Ultimate Influence.


children and tithing


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  2. 11'Kedra Mello says

    What a wonderful story and “BIG” heart this little one has. Just think what our world would be like if they were more like this sweet, innocent child.