Weekend Simplicity

There was nothing outside of the usual craziness yet it felt like an exceptionally long week. I plan to enjoy our birthday party-less weekend of TV watching, running, church-ing, and turkey hunting. A smogras board of a weekend.

The weather has been beautiful all week, I suppose it’s the calm before the storm also known as the Florida heat which will be descending upon us sooner than I would like.  This is precisely why we are taking advantage of the low humidity air and eating dinners al-fresco while we can!

And crawling on dinner tables too, because my children are well behaved like that.

Weekend Simplicity





little piggy-0059


I suppose it is at this point that my unlikely Parent of the Year nomination would be rescinded, or perhaps not.  Maybe I’ve trained my children right after all seeing that Kenley took it upon her self to refill her father’s glass with some more much needed evening Pinot Noir.

Weekend Simplicity


Hope you are having a relaxing weekend……

Weekend Simplicity by Grateful Simplicity


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