Finally Friday {recap}

Can I just say that I love having my best friend Courtney (the once blogger) back in Tallahassee. By looking at our boys you would hardly know that they’re 2 years apart in age.   She and I used to dream of having our own fashion design company, G&C Fashions, and living care free in New York. While that isn’t the path our lives took (the name G&C Fashions would have had us doomed from the beginning) this life is so much more than we could have dreamed of (or doodled in our 4th grade notebooks).

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britton gracie-1201

Friday recap: I loved walking in on this moment. Spend the night friends are the best.

As are sprinklers in the spring.

britton gracie-1210


britton gracie-1217


britton gracie-1226

This weekend we are starting the beach cottage updates (kitchen demo!), celebrating Pop’s birthday, preparing for our church VBS,  and I’m trying this new Shrimp Francesca recipe tonight.  Why does just typing that make me tired, and it’s only Friday morning?

Oh, and I think, maybe – just maybe, current feedburner subscribers will begin receiving posts again today via email.  Whose IT savvy now? (Now if I could only learn how to add the spell check function. But then again, I would miss the phone calls from my Mom stating, ‘ You really should check your spelling on your posts’)

Have a great weekend!