Worth Celebrating

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”

Matthew 28:


Worth celebrating: An empty tomb.


We’ve done just that, starting with Raynes’ first Easter egg hunt.


Raynes' first  easter egg hunt

Like his father, he seems to enjoy anything hunting related.

It was obviously so worth the $10 I spent to have his white polo shirt monogrammed with his stacked initials so he could wear it in these Easter photos.   Nothing says Easter like red flannel pajamas, rain boots, a Walmart puffer vest and a ski hat.

Raynes hunting eggs on easter morning


We attended a beautiful (packed!) Sunday morning service at our church followed by last-ditch effort for Easter photos back at the house.  Our reality looks something like this:


Easter kids reality3-2

Trying to get a photo with 3 kids on easter morning ain't happening


The reality of what easter morning looks like with three kids




After 15 shots and threatening the kids with no Easter candy until I got one shot where we all looked in the same direction without crying, we were able to capture our almost-family photo that I wanted.

Because we all know, beggars can’t be choosers.


Easter me and kids -2


The reality of what easter morning looks like with three kids


As if we don’t have enough of a reason to celebrate this Sunday, my Mom’s birthday also fell on Easter this year.  And…. Mike and I will be celebrating our 13 year wedding anniversary tomorrow.  Bang, bang, bang. (onomatopoeia’s are my  favorite).

My cup runneth over.  Yes it does.

(Listen to the end of our church service  singing hallelujah yesterday- always a favorite)