Interview with Prissy Elrod, author of ‘Far Outside the Ordinary’


Well it’s no secret that Prissy Elrod, affectionately known as “Sassy” on this blog, is the author of ‘Far Outside the Ordinary.’  I’ve discussed it here on the blog before- the birth of a book, and the book launch party

It’s not surprising to me (okay, we are thrilled really) to receive such overwhelming positive feedback.  Great reviews that have now spread beyond our little town of friends and family.  In fact, as of today ‘Far Outside the Ordinary’ is in the top 7% of all books currently selling on Amazon. Go, Mom!

Thought it would be fun to capture an interview with The Author (yes, that’s a proper noun. Mom is a proper noun and clearly, has moved up in the world). Here we go.


 Interview with Prissy Elrod

Far Outside the Ordinary- Prissy Elrod, Author Interview | Grateful Simplicity

Prissy Elrod, author of ‘Far Outside the Ordinary’


Q: What inspired you to write your first book?

It was a timeless and a universal love story with elements of sacrifice, loss, survival, forgiveness, romance, comedy and second chances.  I listened for years to family and friends encouraging me to write this book.  I woke up one morning, my birthday as I recall, and decided to just do it.

The experience and characters who entered my life through that difficult time changed me for the better.  I hoped what I lived through could help others. Perhaps, someone who might make the wrong choice for the right reason and shoulder their blame and pain for years, if not forever.


Q:  What was the single hardest thing about writing this book? Anything in particular you feared?

Dangling modifiers. I had no idea what they were and I had plenty of them dangling!


Q:  When writing your memoir, what surprised you the most?

Sometimes, many times, I read what I tapped on my keyboard with shock. I had no idea where in my head it came from.  My typing could not keep up with my thoughts, memories, and story.


Q:  What is your favorite scene in the book?

Without exception, Du and Sally’s wedding.  It was the most fun I think I can remember.  It would be hard to find a day like that ever again.


Q:  Do you have any advice for other writers?

Since I didn’t have a master’s degree in creative writing like many writers, my advice would be for someone like me.  You just study the craft, challenge yourself, hone your story to the best of your ability and when you think it’s finished –listen to me now –it isn’t!  Surround yourself with people smarter than you who can professionally grade your little jewel.  Pay attention ‘cause remember, they really are smarter than you when it comes to fine-tuning.  Truly!


Q:  What book are you currently reading? 

I read two books at the same time.  Serious and not serious.  Right now I am reading Emily Giffin’s new book The One and Only (I like her style) and also The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  (My book club chose this one)


Q:  What do you hope readers will take away from your book? 

Inspiration and belief that one can survive hardship, pain and disappointment and become a better version of oneself.  And perhaps the magic of fate is real and there are second chances in life, love and new beginnings.  Look for a shining star at the end of the road because you will always find one somewhere.

Far Outside the Ordinary- Prissy Elrod, Author Interview | Grateful Simplicity


Far Outside the Ordinary can be purchased here, Nook book here, or downloaded here.


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  2. 10'Morgan MacDonell White says

    Hey Garrett.
    I’m Arden Harrison’s cousin and I’ve known about you for years! Can’t wait to read Prissy’s book. Just ordered it today. Sending many prayers for success and joy because I feel that many hearts will be touched and that much healing will happen.
    Love to you all from Morgan White, Jacksonville , fl

  3. 11'Morgan MacDonell White says

    Hi Garrett
    I am Arden Harrison’s first Cousin and I have known about you and have been hearing your names for years!!! Arden told me about Prissy’s book and I ordered it from Amazon today. Can’t wait to READ it. Much love to you all
    Morgan White

  4. 12


    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for commenting. Amazon should have links for both ebook, hardback and paperback which can be found here:

    You can also order the book (hardback or paperback) from her autho rwebsite which is
    I have already passed along your sweet message to Mom. Thanks again!

  5. 13'linda hanna says

    Hi, Garrett –
    I am a friend of your Aunt Deborah and your mother, from LC. I just had a chance to go to Amazon to order a copy of your mother’s book (which I finally may have some time to read!?!) and it is not available in print format.
    Can you direct me to a source for hardback or softback version, please?
    Also, please give my fond Hello to your mother, as well as my congratulations on actually writing a book! The rest of us just talk about doing it…..
    Many thanks,
    PS – Love your blog, and your beautiful family.