Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Easy Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Grateful Simplicity


Better late than never has always been my motto.  Here are some things that would make great gifts to the special mother(s) in your life>


Love the work by artist Teil Duncan. With such a neat name it’s no surprise that her painting are  fabulous.  (She does commission work too) Thank you, Josie, for sharing her gorgeous work! I just love, love, love her colors.


Artist Teil Duncan

Artist Teil Duncan



The memoir Far Outside the Ordinary, written by a mother, for Mother’s Day. (You knew this would be on my list). Unfortunately, I cannot give this one to my mom but you can certainly give it to your Mom.

(Locals, signed hardback copies can be found at the following shops: Haute Headz Salon, Bedfellows, My Favorite Things, Sweet Patina, Suz-Annz, (and the local Barnes and Noble store will soon have in stock)



Far Outside the Ordinary by Prissy Elrod (a memoir). Available from and

Far Outside the Ordinary by Prissy Elrod (a memoir). Available from and



Using the Waterlogue App on your iPhone, buy some watercolor paper from Hobby Lobby and print your photos onto the paper, frame it, and call it a day (or Mother’s Day!).  A custom water color that costs next to nothing yet is priceless. A win, win.

How to create a custom watercolor painting using Waterlogue

Custom watercolor using Waterlogue– another great Mother’s Day gift


I loved this Mother’s Day card I saw on Etsy, but a not-so-unusual Type B moment occurred and I didn’t order it in time. Drats.


Mothers Day Card Etsy



And last but not least this colored spatula set.  Because our Mama’s need a little funk in the kitchen if we still want them to cook us dinner.  Spatulas? You think I’m kidding but I’m not (check out all their reviews!). I actually gave this to my mom as one of her Christmas gifts and she was so happy I kind of felt bad for her.


OXO Good Grips Silicone Spatula


It’s late and this Mama is headed for bed…. after I wrap my gifts for Mother’s Day.


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    Isn’t she great? Josie forwarded me her info and I just love her work. So glad you are enjoying the book- it is a tough read in the beginning but picks up some and ends on a hopeful note.

  2. 3'Jennifer Boland says

    Ahhh I love Teil Duncan! Thank you for the introduction! Also, I picked up a signed copy of your mommas book, whoop whoop! Can’t wait to get into it!