Weekend Simplicity

Weekend Simplicity

Kenley first swim of the summer


Three day weekend is here. I’ll be waking up our crew shortly for some boat to island adventures.  My poor little guy burned through his sun shirt yesterday during his end of year ‘water’ party so I’m hoping today’s SPF 50+ shirt does the trick.  It’s not easy being fluorescent white, folks.


Weekend Simplicity | Grateful Simplicity - Raynes at Pool

Little does he know that swim lessons begin next week. We’ll see if he is still smilin’ then….


Last week at this time we were volunteering at our church’s ‘Great Day of Service’ followed by dance recitals.


Kenley church service

Pulling weeds and learning to plant tomatoes and bell peppers at Trinity’s community garden (fresh, free vegetables for all!)


Weekend Simplicity | Grateful Simplicity- ballet

Kenley will be continuing on with tennis but has decided to give up dance for now. Sniff, sniff I will miss this.



Britton honed her crocheting skills at church when she helped create hats for the homeless.  She went there to give and wouldn’t you know it, she ended up receiving. A new crafting skill!  She made me promise not to post any photos of her sitting in a circle sewing- it’s hard letting go.


Weekend Simplicity | Grateful Simplicity - Britton ballet recital



What’s on my nightstand:

6 Weays to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl

The Aviators Wife: A Novel 

Unbroken by Laura Hillebrand (downloaded but haven’t started)

The Bible (still slowly working through reading it entirely)


What’s on my Amazon ‘Wish List':

The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses in gold

Storage baskets for our beach house “revival”

Ray-Ban Aviator Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviator Non-Polarized Sunglasses


Weekend Links:

Adorable flower girls (my niece!) and the gorgeous bride, Lucki Jo.  Here are the photos from our recent “family” wedding.  Terri Smith Photo did a knock out job capturing this fun evening.


Terri Smith Photo | Grateful Simplicity


This creative and gorgeous home takes bright to a new level. And I, for one, like it.

elizabeth schmidt for traditional home | Grateful Simplicity




And finally, while I like to play the part of a tech-savy knows all about the latest gadget kind of girl, the truth is usually I’m the last to hear about the latest gizmo.   Well there, I just gave away my age by using the term “gizmo” in referring to technology.  Be that as it may, I will have you know that I learned how to download and listen to a podcast on my iPhone.  I can hear your applause (or the sound of you rolling your eyes).  It is by Edie Wadsworth as she explores stepping into a life of calling.


And that’s my weekend. Plain and simple. Happy Memorial Day!


summer is here- kenley jumping into pool