Baby Ansley

Baby Ansley

For Britton’s upcoming birthday she’ll be going on a “special trip.”  One thing I have learned is never let the word special or trip be heard by your middle child.  Once Kenley, the poor and always neglected, caught wind of that she was none too happy reminding me that she had not seen Aunt Shea, as promised, all summer long.  Imagine? It’s been all of 3 weeks.

Last weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to drive to Atlanta to visit Aunt Shea, while making K believe that she was going on her very own special trip (and before Britton, too!)  since Mr. Robinson and Britton entered a weekend-long fishing tournament at the Gulf.  No one tell K that Britton and her Daddy were on a special trip together last weekend, I don’t think she noticed (she was too busy asking why we had to bring her little brother).  

Destination Marietta, Georgia.  We went, we saw, we played.  Hard. That’s what happens when there’s 5 kids under the age of 8.  A lot of playing going on when we visited with Aunt Shea and her three little ladies.


baby ansley

The Gant cousins were able to come for a visit too- less triplet Hadley. Does this depict summer or what?


baby ansley post

How to rock monograms and bows while floating in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico



baby Ansley

Inevitably, Kenley always complains that the visit was too short to visit with her God sisters….



This was the first chance we’ve had to spend some time with the newest addition.  The Invisible Baby, also known as baby Ansley, is not only one of the prettiest babies I’ve seen, but she is also an easy going baby.  As her Mama said, when you’re the youngest you’ve got to learn to roll with the punches (like when Raynes accidently steps on your eye).


Baby Ansley | Grateful Simplicity


Baby Ansley | Grateful Simplicity

A dimple. And fat rolls. Melt.


Baby Ansley | Grateful Simplicity

5 mo.


Sweet Baby Ansley.

She almost makes me want to have just one more baby.  Seriously. You know, that baby phase when they nap several times a day, don’t whine, or talk back and make the sweet cooing noises while they look at your adoringly?  Oh, it is so innocent and sometimes hard to wrap my head around the fact that those days are gone for me.  Or are they?


Don’t t worry Mom, I’m only kidding!  There will be no more Robinson babies headed your way, rest assured.


We enjoyed our highly energized trip (and quick stop to Ikea), relaxed in your pool, letting Raynes continue his potty training on your floor, and look forward to next summer’s Shea-Garrett camp.