Vintage Coastal Cottage {revival} – Part 2

Vintage Coastal Revival – Part 2

Boiled peanuts, Gulf air, and the smell of sunscreen on clean clothes… Summer, my crew is ready for you.


St. Teresa Beach | Grateful Simplicity

St. Teresa Beach


St/ Teresa Beach, FL


Thought I would share some of the beach cottage renovations that are currently underway at The Coast.  We’re ready to finish up ‘Phase 2′ of the cottage improvements so we can enjoy the salt life over the next few months.  The kitchen has taken center stage.  The house was built in 1940 and has all the charm that one would expect from a 1940’s beach cottage.  Along with the charm comes some quirky things like outdated wiring and uneven walls. With the help of my Uncle Clay who designed the new layout, my hubby and brother-in-law (who have been putting in some serious elbow grease), and a talented handy-man, they have been moving right along these past couple months.

The first item was to repair a rotten beam, and create a new entry to the cottage.  Previously, everyone entered through the kitchen- there were actually three doorways in the small kitchen.  This makes preparing meals at the family reunion for 30+ Kuersteiners a bit tricky.  The newly expanded counter space (and dishwasher- thank you, Mr. Robinson!) should help matters.

Vintage Coastal Cottage {revival}

The kitchen- previous entry into the house (via the kitchen) has been sealed off, allowing for more usable counter space. (sink is to the right)


The exposed brick walls throughout the house are my favorite.

On Saturday, we boated over to the cottage to check on how things are progressing. So far the kitchen has been ripped out, primer on the exposed brick, crown molding applied,  electrical rewiring, new cabinets installed, counter tops  and large stainless sink installed.  Just when it looks close to being done we realize all that remains to get phase 2 completed.  We’ll get there.


Looking forward to the finished product!


Vintage Coastal Cottage renovations

This is the previous entry into the cottage.


To the left is the old entry way and if you are standing at the sink looking out the window your back is to the Gulf.

Vintage Coastal Cottage {revival} | Grateful Simplicity

{Shooting a photo into the light- a big no, no.} Still more work to be done but you get the idea.