Weekend Simplicity {and small victories}

 Weekend Simplicity

Sometimes you have to celebrate the small victories in life.  A successful week of potty training and electronic-less devices equates to a huge win in my book.  There’s been a lot of crafting (this week, colorful grosgrain hair bows), baking (pound cake and several variations of home made cookies- shame, shame),  swimming lessons, swimming for fun, VBS’ing (yes, that’s a word), visits with Meme, library’ing (there’s all kinds of new words today) working, McDonalds, reading, singing, Smores’ing,  more working, coloring, fighting, refereeing, and smiling.

I’m beat, but I’m still in the game.


Weekend Simplicity by Grateful Simplicity

The simple things- home made hair bows

dog drinking slide water

Lulu, in the background, makes me laugh. Out loud. She’s not drowning, she’s drinking the water- which she did for a good 35 minutes before she threw up

Weekend Links:

As if we need any more sugar around our house.  This {Flourless} Monster Cookie recipe may, or may not, be sitting on my printer right now.

 And that’s it- that’s the only link. I wasn’t joking when I said I’ve barely been keeping my head above water.


Fashion Find:

It’s been too hot to think about clothes this week, but when it’s a heat index of 113 I’ll be sorry I didn’t buy this Maxi dress.

NORdstrom maxi dress

Source: Nordstrom



Around the House:

Weekend Simplicity | Grateful Simplicity

Source: The Nesting Place


Favorite Photos:

Inspiring Simplicity | Grateful Simplicity

extended swimming lessons

Weekend Simplicity | Grateful Simplicity

Looks like someone else appreciates salt air and some  sand


Weekend Simplicity {and celebrating small victories} | Grateful Simplicity

Looking forward to enjoying our simple weekend




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