Happy Birthday, B

It only took 5 days in the hospital, a record breaking induction time (long!), TCBY frozen yogurt (and Dr. Phil) to break my water and several easy pushes for our baby girl to arrive at 1:32 am on July 9, 2003.

No matter how long I live, how bad my memory gets, I will always remember seeing my firstborn for the first time with her head full of jet black hair (we’ve been shampooing every day since) and beautiful fingers and toes.  Her eyes locked with mine and it was as if she knew she belonged to me, and I belonged to her.  Forever.

The overwhelming awe, gratefulness (not to mention sense of accomplishment- 7 lbs 11 oz!)  is forever etched in my heart and I see it as it was yesterday.

Photo compliments of Trinity Church

Photo compliments of Trinity Church


We love you, B. Our not-to-little, marches to her own beat, big hearted, intellectual, book worm fanatic, master baker, big sister, crafter extraordinaire, ballet dancing and violin playing girl.  You enrich this life of ours, in every direction, and we are thankful God has entrusted such a precious gift to us.

B bow



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Britton (1 of 1)




Happy Birthday B via Grateful Simplicity



Happy Birthday B via Grateful Simplicity


Happy Birthday B!