Nothing says cool like a good #hashtag. So I am told.

A little distracted this week, but here are some photos from our annual high school girls weekend that was happening one week ago tonight. Although we can’t be certain on the number of years, we believe this was the 9th annual high school girls weekend get together.  The first took at St. George Island. Britton was the only baby and was about 2 years old (she turned 11 this month).   You know, back in the day when you couldn’t stand the thought of leaving your beloved child for more than 12 hours.


Fast forward and we now have roughly 12 children and 12 dogs between us.  Gladly, we shed our ever increasing responsability for one weekend a year to come together and celebrate our long lasting, ever strong friendships.

Once again, I am thankful that neither Facebook, Twitter, texting or Instagram was around when we were in school.

Case in point.


high school girls weekend 2-1


the d-1



This year, friends came with door prizes (Christmas in July).


door prize cups-1


A surprise senior video turned DVD compliments of Shea (and Mrs. Arden!)  Wish someone had told us, back then, that we weren’t as cool as we thought we were.



Thank you Danya!


It was the usual suspects  acting out again this year.

Danya (aka the bachelorette) pretending still can still take shots (clearly, that ship has sailed).



Us trying to get a decent group photo using a self -time on the hood of a mid-size SUV (no one ever wants to be on the end.  Why is that?).


group pix gone bad-1


group pix  gone wrong-1


group pix -1



Game night (purchase the app ‘Heads Up!‘ for immediate entertainment for the whole family!)  As you can see, it’s wild times.  Maybe this explains why everyone was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:00 am every morning.

game night-1




I mean we are seriously wild. Watch out.

game night2-1



So there you go. The inside scoop on our Moms go Wild high school girls weekend.  Don’t say I never share anything exciting on this ol’ blog!