It started with the Fitbit…

It started with the Fitbit. I lost it.

Technically, the word missing is more like it. The electronic pedometer is somewhere in my house, I just don’t know where.  I went on a long walk yesterday afternoon (6,000 steps to be exact) and it It fell off my wrist last night as I was running around chasing a 2,3, and 4 year old.  Which is fine, because I woke up with terrible chin splints this morning.


Maybe I am getting ahead of myself.  Let me back up a bit.



We’ve had some news and exciting changes in our family earlier  this month.  I’ve accepted a short term, full time position which has me working outside the home for the first time in 9 years (my black ‘work’ pants from 2005 had enough dust on them to warrant a permanent relocation at the Goodwill). It was an opportunity that I knew was perfect for me and our family and couldn’t be more thrilled (and grateful) for this time. It happened rather quickly but we’ve managed to find childcare coverage for three kids, with short notice, smack dab in the middle of the summer.


Miracles never seize.


So there’s that.  Then throw in my missing fit bit (I’m telling you this has me so upset- not being able to track my lack of sleep patterns and daily mileage), and chin splits, and it’s still a pretty good Monday. (okay, the truth is I am competitive at heart and can’t stand the thought of my #maclaygirlsweekend friends surpassing me.)


Okay, where was I? Oh, so I am sitting at my new desk today, fitbit-less, when my sweet friend Gannon who has volunteered to pick up my children from their respective camps, calls and says, “I’ll take them swimming too so you can have some time to yourself this afternoon.”


Time to myself?

Magic to my ears.


I worked a little late because I wasn’t quite sure where I would go for 90 minutes footloose and fancy free.  Then I started dreaming thinking of Homegoods so I packed my bags, shut my office door (which locks automatically), and walked skipped out to my car.  Only I didn’t make it halfway to my car before realizing that  while I had packed my bags, only one was on my shoulder.  My purse with my car keys was inside my office. Which meant my office keys were also inside my office.  No car, no purse, no office keys.  Not going no where.


Responsible new employee, that’s me.


So now I am standing in an almost empty parking lot, most everyone has gone home, without a purse, car keys, wallet or office keys.


I called my mom and asked her to come pick me up. Thank goodness for Mom’s that never stop carpooling their 37 year old children.


She drove me home and I used her keys to get inside my house, only to realize I can’t find my spare keys to my car.

So tonight, as I sit here typing this too long of a post, I am without car keys. But that’s okay because my car is still sitting in the same parking lot space it has been in since 1:00 pm this afternoon.  Which works too because even if I did have the car keys, to drive the car to my office, I couldn’t get in because I have no office keys to my office door.


I am so looking forward to tomorrow morning. Mr. Robinson has the ultimate carpool route!


Okay, enough of my blabbing and onto something a little more visually stimulating.


If you need a cute gift (or one for yourself) my friend Darby made this hat for Britton. Trucker hats are the hats to have now. Especially with this 111 degree Florida heat!

it started with the fitbit via grateful simplicity


Who, incidentally, is still cooking up a storm. And thankfully so.

rosemary rolls-1

These buttered rosemary rolls are heaven in a skillet. Try them, you will thank me later.



And finally, I snapped a lot of photos at the (small) Kuersteiner reunion last Wednesday but this one is my favorite.


the boys via Grateful Simplicity


Whit looks like he is single and ready to mingle.

So there you have. That’s all I got for ya.  I can’t take it anymore, time to search some more for that darn fitbit.


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