Sunday Night Thoughts — in bullet points

Sometimes I think in bullet points. The byproduct of a Type A. Today is one of those days.


  • My girl can cook (and plan!).  I mean, she can really whip up a meal.  I’ve always been creative at shifting my responsabilities onto others (just ask my little sister).  But I even impressed myself tonight when I asked the girls to come up with their favorite meals and then create a meal plan for the week.  They ate it up- no pun intended.  Both Britton and Kenley created 10+ dinners and lunches complete with side items, vegetables and a couple of desserts thrown in for good measure.  They opened up all of their favorite cookbooks, spread them across our large kitchen table and went to work.  B took it a step further and put together our Monday- Friday meal plan this week (2 of Britton’s meals, 2 of Kenley’s meals and 1 meal that they both agree on).  She then created a meal by meal grocery list on my iPhone, went with me to the store, came home and cooked the entire meal (using a recipe she found online) while I put the groceries away.  Oh, and she made the most delicious pie for dessert.  Please tell me this isn’t a phase. Could it be that I have a cook living with us? Oh please say it’s true!! Britton fried some cube steak in sunflower oil that could be served in a restaurant it was so good.
b hands-1

She is anti-camera these days so here you have a lovely close up of knuckles (with a mighty cute background.)



k eating-1

Kenley is no fool- she knows that food always taste better when you don’t have to cook it yourself.


  • Annual high school girls weekend happened this past weekend (middle school girls weekend if you want to get  technical). Lots of laughs, talks of poor vision and achy knees, old days and silliness that can only be found amongst long-time girlfriends.  Let’s just say, if you don’t have the “My Talking Pet” app you are missing out. {More photos to come}
grateful simplicity

Seaside, FL

  • I am not as indispensable as I thought.  Mr. Robinson survived, and thrived, Wednesday-Sunday while I was off the clock.  There were a couple of oh-no phone calls but I must say, he did a knock out job with his children and I even came home to a spotless house (swoon) and three happy children.  Thank you, Mr. R!

raynes baseball-1


  • Time for me to sign off.  I know this because my handy dandy fit bit flex tells me just how much I am not sleeping.  In the past 2 weeks the most amount of sleep I have gotten on any given night is 7 hours.  Seeing that my alarm clock is set for 5 hours and 10 minutes from now, it’s good night time.

girls weekend sunset-1



Lovely comments

  1. 1'Jennifer Boland says

    I can’t believe Britton can cook like that! Tell her I’m going to need her services in Wacissa when I’m laid up after my C-section in October :)