And that’s why I love you….

All my posts have typos.  It’s the one, overwhelming Type-B personality trait that often appears.  I rarely use spell check.  Actually, on this latest version of WordPress Genesis 2.1.2 I don’t even have a spell check function.

Sorry Mom. But it’s the truth.


The emails I receive from family and friends alike, correcting my spelling and grammar, always make me chuckle.  For whatever reason, typos don’t bother me. And they should.  I know this, especially since I am always talking about Typa 1 this and Type A that. I just don’t always walk my talk people, but you already knew that.


And just because you were so sweet to take the time to correct my use of words (Uh hum, Shea), I think I’ll have to keep “shin” as “chin.”


Because if there were no typos, what on earth reason would you have for writing me?  Typos ensure me at least two phone calls a day- one from my Mom and the other from Mr. Robinson.


Thanks to Shea, let it be known that chins are actually shins and I want to seize the moment, not cease the moment.


shea text

And we wonder where B get’s her Britton’isms from?


Just in case you were on the edge of your seat wondering what became of the Fitbit? My new one arrives next week.


Fitbit Flex via Grateful Simplicity

Meme, you wanted to know what a Fitbit looked like? Here you go….


(Want to win a free Fitbit Flex?  It’s easy- details can be found HERE.)