What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

It took me forever but I finally finished the novel  What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.   I did not want the story to end, which is why I purposely read.it.slowly.  It’s not that often that I glance to the lower right corner of my Kindle cringing when I see that I’ve read 91% .  Then 96%, read slower, I think to myself slow down.


This is the same Australian author who wrote, The Husband’s Secret, which I also adored.  (An added plus, she updates her blog, too!)  I liked ‘What Alice Forgot’ because the main character, Alice, was in a similar busy-mom-of-three place as me.  What the author would call “busy, busy, busy.”  Don’t we all feel a little like this most days? Can’t talk now. I’m busy, busy, busy.


Sometimes it takes falling down and hitting your head (or brain cancer for others), to take the time to slow down and appreciate those around you for who they are.


what alice forgot via grateful simplicity


What Alice Forgot was a worthwhile (and should have been a quick) read. I suppose I will find another Moriarty novel to start next.  It will only take me two month to finish, I’m sure.