Leading by Example {a back to school post}

Leading by example

The story goes…. A pregnant dog was hit by a car and survived.  Her legs were severely injured so the dog walked with a permanent limp causing her to drag her back legs.   Luckily, her puppies were all born healthy.  However, the owners noticed that the new pups were dragging their back legs.  Fearful that the puppies may have been hurt in the accident, the owners took the puppies to the Vet.  The veterinarian examined the tiny dogs and explained that they were perfectly healthy, including their bone structure, and nothing was wrong with their legs.  These puppies had learned to drag their back legs by watching their mom.

And so it goes with our children.


b tucker bone2-1


This story has resonated with me, particularly because our oldest child begins her phase of life called ‘middle school’ tomorrow. Impressionable, eager to learn, explore, express, and mold.  Am I walking the way I want my children to walk?


If I yell, they will grow up to be screamers too.

If I have no patience, they will grow up to be inpatient people as well.


With the hustle and bustle of life, particular at this season of returning to school with the busy schedule that it brings, it’s a good reminder to me that my children are watching.  They’re making mental notes and mimicking my behavior.  They are extremely impressionable for a short period of time.  I have to remember to lead by my example- limp and all.


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