New Horizons

New Horizons

It seems as though I get a cold every 6 months so I suppose I was due. Throw in a heat wave, a chopped haircut, the addition of a sinus infection and it’s an all around blah kind of sweltering weekend.



Saturday's highlight

Saturday’s highlight



The fantastic first week of school makes up for it though. The girls have fallen in the groove of their (not so) new school.  New lockers, teachers and friends.  Britton ran for homeroom student council representative and won! The night of the election was the first time, that I can think of, when the girl has ever been nervous.  Welcome to my world, B. I’m nervous about everything.  She also chose the hottest time of year to join the Cross Country team- run, Forest, run.  It’s safe to say that Britton has fully embraced middle school.  She is a happy camper, indeed.

This one, on the other hand…. it sometimes takes her a little more time to step into new situations.

fist day 3rd grade-1

The thought of not knowing how to write in cursive on the first day of school may have cost her a sleepless night or two….


Mr. Robinson and I made the decision to move Kenley to the same school that Britton was enrolled in (and where I am now working full time) so it’s been a bit of an adjustment for her. My “routined” girl isn’t big on change but this is one change that is for the best for our family, of that I feel certain.  She was nervous on the first day for sure.  And that’s okay because we are all nervous on the first day of school.  And those that say they aren’t are the most scared of all lil’ Kens.  By the end of the week she, too, was all smiles.

Some places make your heart sing and their school (and my alma mater) is that place to me.  I am so grateful that that we are all, what I can only describe, as home.


And speaking of home… my new yard men are working out quite nicely.






This heat wave certainly helps the infamous ALS ice bucket challenge… 

ice bucket  challenge before

ice bucket challenge before


Because ice cold water sure feels good about now..


ice bucket challenge after-1

ice bucket challenge after


So there you have it. Our exciting weekend. Hot, snot, and ice.