5 minutes of a mother’s thoughts

Assignment Inspiration from my friend, Shea.


The humidity is tangible

The humidity is tangible- my view this morning

5 minutes of a mother’s thoughts…


What time did I go to bed last night? 9;30? Such a waste of a Friday night- I couldn’t even stay awake until the girls went to bed.  I didn’t even hear the thunder storm. What time was that? Everyone is sleeping now.

Should I run now while I can slip away? I don’t want to run on a Saturday morning at 7:45 am!  Then I’ll be sweaty and have to shower. Will I ever have a day to myself again?What do we have to do today? Oh, Britton has a birthday party. What time is that? Have I bought a gift? What would the little girl want? Do I have scotch tape?  I’ll probably need to go to Target.

Does the party start during Raynes’ nap? I wonder if Mike can take her. What is he doing today? Do I have wrapping paper? What if Kenley wants to have a friend ? Maybe I should take Raynes to visit his cousins- poor guy never goes anywhere. He slept terrible last night. He’ll be fussy all day now. 

Why is he so scared at night? I shouldn’t have taken away his pacifier- now he’s scared.  Please let him be easy going today. When will fall get here? Maybe I can get a new pair of boots this fall.  Did anyone feed Poochie last night? When was the last time I sat down and paid bills? What is today? How much longer do I have until the kids wake up and want breakfast?


Woop. Time’s up.

Poochie is wake and probably wondering if she will get food anytime soon...

Poochie is wake and probably wondering if she will get food anytime soon…


Have a thought-wandering weekend!