Far[m] Outside the Ordinary

Far[m] Outside the Ordinary

Brag Box


I’ve always said I reserve the right to occasionally brag on this blog.  Like most Moms, I tend to brag about my children every now and then.  Today, this child is bragging about her Mom.

As most people know (particularly is you’re on Facebook) my mom wrote a memoir, Far Outside the Ordinary, which was released this past spring.  It’s doing amazingly well, and she receives beautiful emails each and every day with readers professing how they have been touched by her story.


Brag Box


Here are some of the recent highlights:

  • She has received 123 Amazon reviews with a 5-star rating! (thank you to anyone who has taken the time to write a review.  I can tell you that she checks the reviews daily since Amazon remains to be the King of the Book Jungle)
  • Over 2200 books have been sold with the third run ordered.
  • Her book cover won first place in the National Graphic Design Contest. It will be featured in Print Magazine in December, along with designer Katie Campbell (talented cousin extraordinaire) who created it.
  • It has been chosen as the selection for over two dozen book clubs in Florida, Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, California and Maryland.
  • Since the book was released in March 2014, Prissy has been invited for book signings at Barnes and Noble and several independent book stores in Florida and Georgia.
  • Her book is being featured at a limited seating {family} music event next month that sounds like so much fun!
  • Writer’s Digest magazine has selected her publishing success story to be featured in their upcoming issue



Farm outside the ordinary

In typical Prissy fashion, Mom is paying it forward in helping other young widows stricken by helping raise money for Fresh New Start


Far Outside the Ordinary


There are a couple more exciting happenings in the pipeline that she’s asked me to keep tight-lipped about for the time being.  Needless to say, great things are happening and her memoir seems to have taken on a life of it’s own.


Mom is flying to New York next week for a summit, then a couple weeks after that she will be taking Sara Britton and myself along for some events in Dallas, Texas.  Yee Haw!

Africa FOTO


So there you have it, my little snippet of bragging.  Can you blame though?