Garth. Just Garth.

Garth.  Just Garth.


I would be remiss not to have a post dedicated entirely to my all time favorite singer, Garth Brook, who I just so happened to see in concert this past weekend.

Not to brag.

L to R:: Marlene, Shea, me, Andrea

L to R:: Shea, Marlene, me, Andrea — (sweet Erikka is taking the photo)

Okay, I’m totally bragging.  But it was Garth!



I can remember being on a family vacation with my parents in the Northeast and calling Miss Arden to record his HBO special.  And that’s why I love Miss Arden (Shea’s mom)…. she did record it for me! Right over another movie. That video is still floating around my house somewhere.  Have I mentioned how much I love Garth Brooks (my ‘senior quote’ was from The River and the video I made my Dad months before his diagnosis had ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ playing as we showed photos of his life. Irony.)

American Express says that “membership has its privileges” but I think that having a lifelong friend with a husband in the music industry has its privileges too.


Thank you, Shea (and her ZBB hubby Paul!)

selfie selves

selfie selves

That man, bless his heart, can sing every bit at good as he did 20+ years ago. He gets better with age and poured his heart and soul into his 3+ hours of singing.  i’ve never seen anything like it- no one got out of their seats (much less sit down).  The aisles were empty- no one got up to get a drink or use the bathroom.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

He brought along Ms. Brooks aka Trisha Yearwood.  While she didn’t cook for us, she did sing several songs for us (including an encore when he brought he back onto stage at 11 pm when she looked surprised like she had been asleep back stage.  Her uggs and no make up gave her away).

Hands down, one of THE best shows I’ve ever seen and probably will ever see. Thank you, Sheazer!!


Click on the link below for a snippet of his concert Saturday night in Atlanta, GA

Garth Brooks Concert