October is the new December, I’m convinced.  Every weekend has become a whirlwind.  Which is fun for about one day, then I’m ready for some down time.

The weekend kicked off with Homecoming at the girls school (which coincidentally is also my alma mater), followed by a fundraiser for the local Ronald McDonald House Charities, Rawdy Rauder Challenge, cocktail party Saturday night, confirmation class, presentation of Bibles to the confirmation class, Polo game, snapping some photos for a friend, and of course Youth Night at church (because driving less than 4 hours on a Sunday would be just too relaxing).



I have to say… this guy makes me proud.  We were asked to speak at the Ronald McDonald Stone Crab Festival (an event which funds 90% of their budget) about our experience using the RMHC family room while at Shand’s Children Hospital.  This is a huge event (did I mention the stone crabs are all you can eat?!) which sells out every year with 500+ people in attendance.

Like any good wife, I told them that I didn’t want to make a speech but I happily nominated Mr. Robinson to make it on our behalf.  (I’m supportive like that!).


Well, deliver he did when he stood up in front of all those people and spoke from his heart about not just our experience using the facilities, but those who were less fortunate, and how much the RMHC means to those families.

Speaking publicly is not for the weak at heart. Couple that with allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your feelings and heartfelt account and you have the makings for a real man.