Farewell 2014

2014 has been a good year to us. It’s a bittersweet goodbye. With much anticipation and enthusiasm we welcome 2015.


January 2014

We had a winter storm, the girls started their second semester at the (former) elementary school and Raynes fell in love with the sight of tractors.

Farewell 2014 via grateful simplicity


February 2014

The “very active twos” were fully embraced by the youngest member in our family… We also spent most of February with my Aunt, Uncle and Meme while our kitchen was being rebuilt.

Little did I know when I watched Britton’s first violin recital that it would also be her last.

Farewell 2014 via grateful simplicity


March 2014

Spring Break was welcomed with open (and sweater wearing) arms with a trip to the coast with friends followed by some Universal Studio time.  Oh, and did I mention we celebrated two birthdays?

Farewell 2014


April 2014

Mom launched her book!  It’s been a wildly successful year for her with a NYC publishing company recently taking over the publishing and publicity of the book, along with a screen writer who is currently writing her memoir for the big screen. We could not be more proud. Talk about putting your mind to something and doing it….

Mr. Robinson and I celebrated (although we didn’t actually celebrate) our 13 year wedding anniversary. Three children made it a bit tough for a weekend getaway (but I have plans for our 14 year in a few months).


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May 2014

Springtime came in swinging with calendars filling up quicker than Kenley’s tummy when she’s hungry.  I chaperoned Britton’s 5th grade graduation trip to Sea World, watched Kenley dance in her annual ballet recital, and prepared for a summer at home with my babies.

grateful simplicity


June 2014

The bags were packed for road trips, and stayed that way, as we spent a week at the newly renovated St. Teresa cottage, Aunt Shea’s house and rounded the month off with a birthday trip to Chicago.  Britton also spent her third summer at church camp and her final summer as a VBS participant (next year she will be a “helper”).  Meanwhile K gets to participate in VBS for a few more years.. mainly because I’ve told her she’s not allowed to grow up.




July 2014

July brought twist and turns with my interviewing and two days later starting a full time (year-round) job. Yes, smack dab in the middle of summer,  Luckily, we had the urge to travel out of our system thanks to Aunt Coco’s 4th of July invite to Rosemary Beach and more STB time.

My  annual high school girls trip was quickly approved by my new boss– who was also our high school english teacher.  Small worlds are fun particularly when you and your childhood friends make it a point to carve out time in this busy world of ours to spend it with one another.

4th July at Rosemary- Family-1


August 2014

The girls both settled into their new (old) school while Raynes started full time day care for the first time. Turns out, he loves it!  Lucky for us, the beach is nearby and weekend trips are considered the norm and something to look forward to all week long.

labor day raynes beach3-1


September 2014

Third grade bibles were presented at church and I fulfilled a life long dream of getting to see Garth Brooks perform again (don’t laugh). Thanks again to Aunt Shea for helping me relive this experience…

scooter rayners weather-1


October 2014

And just like that, fall was here again with cooler temps in the morning, pumpkin patches appearing on church lawns, and Halloween costumes displayed at the stores.  We learned what it was like to spend weekends at sporting events while we watched Britton run in cross country meets while she fully embraced middle school. By this time, Kenley had settled into her new routine and her list of complaints had dwindled down.



November 2014

Daddy turned the big three-nine and we counted all the ways we were thankful.



December 2014

Which brings us to today. The last day of the last month of the year.



Farewell 2014.  You’ve been too kind…..