I’m going to Miami

I’m going to Miami  

Friends since Kindergarten, we all gathered around our friend as she walked down the aisle for a teary and tender ceremony.

I'm going to Miami

It’s not every day that Missy Elliott is at your reception (along with your friends Pepa, Kim, and Trina– um, she has 1.2 million instagram followers?!).

I'm going to Miami     And then…. we danced.



Such nice friends I have. They say “everyone make an ugly face” and I’m the only one that does.

I'm going to Miami

especially the girl in the purple dress, second from left. She remembered to pack her dancing shoes all right.

I'm going to Miami

Can you guess who is wearing prescription sunglasses?

I'm going to Miami

What? It’s Christmas?








We also perfected the art of “the selfie”— as did everyone else who took on the view of the Miami Beach skyline.



Congratulations, sweet Danya. We are lucky to have friends that have been at every milestone moment for the past 30 years. xo