Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Raynes

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Raynes


School and work, which are one and the same, have dismissed for the Christmas break.  This means, 2+ weeks at home (albeit with a cold– a side effect of a first year inside a school- constant illness). A home body’s dream come true.  All along I thought I would get a lot of my last minute Christmas shopping completed next week, while little guy is at his school, only to realize that Christmas Eve is Wednesday.  Not going to get much accomplished in two days. What was I thinking?


Instead, I opted to make those last minute purchases on Amazon Prime.  No idea how we survived with a Prime membership.  We must have actually gotten into our cars, driven to a shop, bought a gift, come home and wrapped it. So odd.

Tomorrow is going to rain so we plan to pay a visit to Santa, display our nativity set, wrap a few gifts and use the remote control to turn on our gas fireplace (an all-time favorite gift. Ever.)




Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Raynes


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Raynes


Have a great weekend.


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