Rolling down the river (and into the ocean)

In typical Robinson fashion, we woke up the day after Christmas and made a last minute decision to pack up and head to the coast. Because leaving pine needles and wrapping paper behind, in exchange for the beach at Christmas makes perfect sense.


That and I had yet to set foot on Mr. Robinson’s latest toy– his boat.  I mean “our” boat. Twist my arm.


He sure is a handful but man he is cute (am I allowed to say that about my child?)



We had the entire island to ourselves– almost. I did see one couple walking when we were anchoring up.  I managed to sneak away for a 30 minute walk to do some drift (wood) shopping. what? what? what? what?.. Nevermind.




May I never take living in FL for granted. Amen.


real life


December on Dog Island… it might have been a first for me. It certainly won’t be the last.  Thank goodness for my outdoors-y husband who tells me things like “the trash will still be here when we get back. Pack your bags.”  Type A’s need people like this in our lives.


most definitely the highlight of Tucker’s holiday


There’s something special about sweaters, fleece and blankets on boats.  A nice change from bikinis, sweat, and thirst.


On occasion they get busted for enjoying each other’s company


boat britton-5





Bless her heart. I swear she ate for a solid three hours. An endless pit this one. Darby– thank you for the monogrammed visor. She loves it!




Pete and Repete.


Once we packed up the condo, unpacked the car, took down the Christmas decor, packed the Christmas decor– I should have poured myself a glass of wine. To be honest, I’m a little mad at myself for abruptly dismantling all signs of Christmas. With Advent arriving on November 30th it felt like a short holiday season.  Oh well, chin up. I’m sure I can find a pine needle, or two, to vacuum (I always have to spell check that dang word)  to keep me occupied.  Or head over to Wal-Mart and look at their valentine candy already displayed on the end aisles.  Say it isn’t so.