Happy (and lazy) New Year

We wore our garnet and gold on 1-1 and did what we did best. Ate, played, and cheered for the Seminoles.

In that order.




While we (the Noles) may have lost in the semi-finals, just like the holidays all good things, including a 29 game winning streak, must come to an end.



but we won’t tell AB that….




We may, or may not, have celebrated a little on New Year’s Eve as well (if having 3 families and 6 children making smores over the fire pit counts as ‘celebrating’).  I think it does!


While I’m happy to report XM radio’s Holly station is still playing their holiday music, I’m coming to terms with having to remove my Christmas wreaths off the windows of our home today. It’s time, I know.  Change is hard for this ol’ gal.  Be patient. I promise to remove them by Valentines.






Happy (and lazy) New Year!