Weekend Simplicity

With the temperature trying their hardest to reach almost 70 degrees this weekend, we found ourselves outside a good bit.  When I say we, I meant me, Single Mom, and my trio.  Mr. Robinson has been in South FL duck hunting for the past several days while I did some online shopping held down the fort. We’ve kept things simple around here, enjoying what we have around us.

Weekend Simplicity 

Like meeting friends at the park to soak in the sunshine (and eat a little ice cream too).

Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity


Waving to the neighbors as they drove by (or to the Mays Monroe delivery men as they unloaded an appliance at a neighbor’s house)….

Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity


Riding bikes in a new location….

Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity


Taking selfies in the front lawn because my three year old wanted to use my camera…

Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity

Taking one for the team with this photo- cute of a three year old with his awkward face. Not so cute of the 37 year old with hers.



Finding new parks to explore which sometimes are located in overlooked locations like a nearby church….


Weekend Simplicity via grateful simplicity

Identity crisis perhaps? Shark or pirate? Shark bike helmet found here.



Weekend Happenings {new local photographer}

And for all you local friends, I am excited to report that there is a fabulous photographer, Brittany Morgan, that is moving to the area this Spring  Her company is  Brittany Morgan Photography (and her father is the pastor of our church) and she specializes in natural light photography (my favorite)! Her husband is in the military so she’s captured many military homecomings that are so moving.  Brittany is oozing with talent and I am so thrilled to have her in our little town soon.



Not being much of a pork (or red meat) fan myself, it’s hard to get my excited to cook these meats. Much to my surprise, all three of my kiddos ate up my simple pork recipe earlier this week that I had to cook it again tonight. Can’t ever get enough protein in this house.  My latest favorite Trader Joe find is this mac and cheese which can be quickly heated up on a weeknight.

trader joes mac and cheese


So I may have done a tiny, teeny, little bit of online browsing this three day weekend.  I may, or may not (depending of whether Mr. Robinson reads this), have ordered this little bag to help me finish out this more-to-come winter season.



Alright Mr. Robinson, come on home. We’ve all missed you!